Renewal Energy

Renewable energy is eco-friendly which is a clean source of energy, meaning, it has low or zero carbon and greenhouse emission. Fossil fuels emit high levels of greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide, which are greatly responsible for global warming, climate change, and degradation of air quality. 

Energy Needs

A sustainable energy plan meets our energy needs today without risking that our energy sources will run out in the future. Besides, sustainable energy is 'clean', meaning that it does not harm the environment

What Do We Offer

Aggregates of Industrial Alternative Energy [IAEA] are designed for renewable, replenishable, unlimited, and environmentally clean energy Generation. Aggregates of Industrial Alternative Energy do not require any intake – no need to burn any hydrocarbons i.e. no need to use mazut or diesel or gas, no need to use water flow or sun or wind or anything else to generate electricity.

Electricity - Self Generated

Aggregates of Industrial Alternative Energy generate electric power by themselves. It is understandable therefore that Aggregates of Industrial Alternative Energy is independent of any natural factors (like sun or wind or any other) and once installed will generate electric power for a minimum of 10 years and continue after a brief technical survey until a predetermined lifetime of 100 years for any Aggregate.

Wide Range & Robust

We can produce Aggregates of Industrial Alternative Energy for the generation of electric power within the range of 20 KiloWatt to 200 MegaWatt or more for exclusive customers. Aggregates are compact and may work in any environment, may be installed in production facilities, in apartment buildings in any isolated places, and even in transport facilities. For installation of Aggregates, infrastructure is not important – Aggregates can work at the site in an empty field and be the first infrastructure installed on a new place giving energy to an entire emerging infrastructure and any production facilities.

Cost Effective 

The installation cost of Industrial Alternative Energy Aggregate corresponds to 500 USD per one KiloWatt of electric power as a turnkey project. This price is considerably cheaper than the average cost of all the existing energy generating installations. This low price guarantees pay off of Aggregate installation in just one year at an average cost of electric power 0,06 US Dollars (6 cents) per one KiloWatt per hour. And having in mind a super long lifetime of Aggregates and absence of any expenses for energy generation buying Industrial Alternative Energy Aggregates is the best type of investment.

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